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Melodic Hard Cure

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Album Cover
Melodic Hard Cure (メロディック・ハード・キュア)
Catalog Number
  1. Pop Step Jump!
  2. 1st Priority
  3. Meguriai (めぐり逢い; Change Encounters)
  4. Niji wo Mita (虹を見た; I Saw a Rainbow)
  5. Kogarashi no Hodo wo Hana no Saku Haru wo (木枯らしの舗道を 花の咲く春を; The Sidewalk in The Cold Wintry Wind, The Spring Where Flowers Bloom)
  6. Himawari (向日葵; Sunflower)
  7. Agape
  8. birthday girl
  9. Itoshii Kakera (愛しいかけら; Beloved Fragments)
  10. Sunday Sundae
  11. Futari no Sekai (ふたりのせかい; Our World)
  12. ALL IN ALL
  13. rainbow kind of feeling
  14. So far, so near
  15. Shiawase (しあわせ; Happiness)
  16. Agape (Mizu no Wakusei Ver.) (Agape (水の惑星Ver.); Agape (Watery Planet Ver.)) (Bonus Track)


Melodic Hard Cure is the only album album released by melocure. The album reached #39 on the Oricon weekly charts, and charted for 7 weeks.

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