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Self Satisfaction

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CD Art
Okui Masami
Self Satisfaction
Catalog Number
  1. Divine love (original: Kitadani Hiroshi)
  2. STRATEGY (original: Miyazaki Ui)
  3. ADORATION (original: Miyazaki Ui)
  4. Yuunagi (夕凪) (original: Ohmi Tomoe)
  5. Kagaribi (篝火) (original: KAORI.)
  6. KAKERA (original: Nogawa Sakura)
  7. Time Limit (original: Miyazaki Ui)
  8. HONESTY (original: Takahashi Hiroki)
  9. Fuyu no Himawari (冬の向日葵) (original: Ohmi Tomoe)
  10. Float ~Sora no Kanata de~ (Float ~空の彼方で~) (original: Ohmi Tomoe)
  11. KURENAI (original: Miyazaki Ui)
  12. Ienai Kara -Piano Quintetto- (言えないから -Piano Quintetto-) (original: Ishida Yoko)


"Self Satisfaction" is the second cover album released by Okui Masami. In this album, Okui covered song produced by her for other artists. It reached #127 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for one week, selling 974 copies.

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