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2AM Taiwan Special Edition

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Album Cover
2AM Taiwan Special Edition
CD Tracklist
  1. Inorae (이노래; This Song)
  2. Aniragie (아니라기에; Because You Said No)
  3. Eoddeokhajyo (어떡하죠; What Do I Do?)
  4. Inorae (Inst.) (이노래)
  5. Aniragie (Inst.) (아니라기에)
  6. Chingui Gobaek (친구의 고백; Friend's Confession)
  7. Lost
  8. Ildan Doraseojiman (일단 돌아서지만; Though I've Turned Away Once Before)
  9. Chingui Gobaek (Inst.) (친구의 고백)
  10. Lost (Inst.)
  11. Ildan Doraseojiman (Inst.) (일단 돌아서지만)
CD Tracklist
  1. Inorae (이노래)
  2. Eoddeokhajyo (어떡하죠)
  3. Chingui Gobaek (친구의 고백)


2AM Taiwan Special Edition is a special release of 2AM for Taiwan. The release includes the group's first two singles, "Inorae" and "Time for Confession", in one single album plus a bonus DVD.