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A-JAX (2016)

A-JAX (에이젝스) is a Korean pop boy group that debuted in 2012 under DSP Media. They were known as DSP Boyz prior to their official debut. They were initially a 7-member group until January 2016, where members Sung Min, Jae Hyung and Ji Hu left the group. In February of the same year, DSP announced that A-JAX was re-organized as a 5-member group with the addition of Jung Hee.


Former Members

Korean Discography

A-JAX promoting 2MYX (2012)
A-JAX promoting Insane (2013)
A-JAX promoting DSP Special Album 'White Letter' (2014)



Digital Singles

Compilation / Other

Japanese Discography


  • [2012.08.08] ONE 4 U (ワン・フォー・ユー)
  • [2012.10.31] Hot Game (ホット ゲーム)
  • [2017.09.19] Romeo

Digital Singles

  • [2012.08.01] ONE 4 U (ワン・フォー・ユー)




  • Official Fanclub: A-LIGHT

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