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ASCA promoting "RESISTER" (2019)

ASCA is a Japanese pop singer signed to SACRA MUSIC. She was the 5th Anisong Grand Prix finalist alongside Suzuki Konomi. Under her given name Okura Asuka, she performed the second ending theme for the anime series Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo. She changed her stage name to ASCA before releasing her major debut single "KOE".



ASCA promoting "KOE" (2017)
ASCA promoting "Rin" (2018)
Note: All releases are under ASCA unless otherwise stated.


  • [2016.12.21] DAYS (Indies) (Okura Asuka)


  • [2017.11.22] KOE ([ja]: Voice)
  • [2018.02.21] PLEDGE
  • [2018.05.09] Rin (凜; Cold)
  • [2019.02.27] RESISTER
  • [2019.0x.xx] Untitled

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