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A Millionaire's First Love OST

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Album Cover
Various Artists
A Millionaire's First Love OST (백만장자의 첫사랑)
  1. Prologue (프롤로그)
  2. Insa (Performed by Hero) (인사(영웅재중); Greeting)
  3. My Days Are Tough (거친 나의 나날들)
  4. Gray Noise
  5. Remember to Follow Jae-Gyeong (기억을 따라가는 재경)
  6. Feather Glove (털 양말)
  7. The Girl Of Melody (피리부는 소녀)
  8. Dialogue 1 (다이얼 로그1)
  9. Eun-Hwan... Please Life a Little Bit More (우리 은환이 좀 살려주세요)
  10. Dialogue 2 (다이얼 로그2)
  11. The Kiss (키스)
  12. Now Youre Gonna Be Tired (이제 너 많이 힘들어 지겠다)
  13. Dialogue 3 (다이얼 로그3)
  14. Walking Field (들판을 거닐며)
  15. Insa (instrumental) (인사)
  16. Dialogue 4 (다이얼 로그4)
  17. Insa (Performed by Lee Yeon Hee) (인사(이연희))
  18. Dialogue 5 (다이얼 로그5)
  19. First Snow (첫눈)
  20. Insa (Performed by Dong Bang Shin Ki) (인사(동방신기))
  21. Dialogue 6 (다이얼 로그6)


A Millionaire's First Love OST is the soundtrack album of the movie A Millionaire's First Love. The lead song "Insa", was included in four versions in the album.

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