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Ai Shika Buki ga Nai

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Type-A Cover
Type-B Cover
Type-C Cover
Type-D Cover
Type-E Cover
WEB Edition Cover
Last Idol
Ai Shika Buki ga Nai (愛しか武器がない; Only Love Has No Weapons)
Catalog Number
TYCT-39098 (Type-A)
TYCT-39099 (Type-B)
TYCT-39100 (Type-C)
TYCT-39101 (Type-D)
TYCT-39102 (Type-E)
CD Tracklist
  • Type-A – E
  1. Ai Shika Buki ga Nai (愛しか武器がない)
  2. Subliminal Sakusen (サブリミナル作戦; Subliminal Strategy) / 2nd Generation Under (2期生アンダー)
  3. Anta wa Dare da? (あんたは誰だ?; Who Are You?) / LaLuce (Type-A)
    Someiyoshino (ソメイヨシノ; Yoshino Cherry Tree) / Good Tears (Type-B)
    Kodou no Riyuu (鼓動の理由; Reason for Heartbeat) / Choux Cream Rockets (Type-C)
    Madobe de Utaitai (窓辺で歌いたい; I Want to Sing at the Window-side) / Someday Somewhere (Type-D)
    Nandakanda de Start (なんだかんだでスタート; Starting with This or That) / Love Cocchi (Type-E)
  4. Ai Shika Buki ga Nai (Instrumental)
  5. Subliminal Sakusen (Instrumental)
  6. Anta wa Dare da? (Instrumental) (Type-A)
    Someiyoshino (Instrumental) (Type-B)
    Kodou no Riyuu (Instrumental) (Type-C)
    Madobe de Utaitai (Instrumental) (Type-D)
    Nandakanda de Start (Instrumental) (Type-E)
  • WEB Edition
  1. Ai Shika Buki ga Nai (愛しか武器がない)
  2. Subliminal Sakusen (サブリミナル作戦) / 2nd Generation Under (2期生アンダー)
  3. Ai Shika Buki ga Nai (Instrumental)
  4. Subliminal Sakusen (Instrumental)
DVD Tracklist
  1. "Ai Shika Buki ga Nai" Music Video
  2. Subliminal Sakusen Music Video
  3. History of LaLuce (Type-A)
    History of Good Tears (Type-B)
    History of Choux Cream Rockets (Type-C)
    History of Someday Somewhere (Type-D)
    History of Love Cocchi (Type-E)


"Ai Shika Buki ga Nai" is the fifth single released by Last Idol. It was released in five CD+DVD editions and a WEB edition. This is the first single to include the 2nd generation members.

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