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Aiko (Da Xiao Jie)

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Aiko (2011)
Aiko promoting Hero Daddy (2010)

Aiko (愛子) is a member of Taiwanese Mandopop girl group Da Xiao Jie. She was previously a member of Hello! Project under Hello! Pro Taiwan. She is one-quarter Japanese from her maternal grandfather.


  • Birth Name: Lan Ai Zi (藍愛子)
  • Stage Name: Aiko (愛子)
  • Birthday: December 21, 2002 (2002-12-21) (age 14)
  • Height: 114cm
  • Weight: 19kg
  • Specialty: Sports, impressions
  • Hobbies: Shopping, music shows, TV shows
  • Favourite Food: Apples, pickled guava, curry rice
  • Favourite Color: Pink, purple
  • Looks Up To: Kusumi Koharu, Junjun, Linlin, Matsuura Aya
  • Hello! Project groups:



  • [2009] K.O.3anguo (終極三國) (Cameo)
  • [2010] Hero Daddy (帶子英雄; Dai Zi Ying Xiong) (as Wang Ting Ting)
  • [2012] Lady Maid Maid (爱情女仆; Ai Qing Nu Pu) (as Qiu Qiu)


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