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Asakura Akira

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Asakura Akira (麻倉あきら) is a Japanese singer and fashion model.


  • Real Name: Saito Saori (斉藤さおり)
  • Stage Name: Asakura Akira (麻倉晶)
  • Nickname: Sao (さお)
  • Birthdate: November 29, 1968
  • Birthplace: Aichi Prefecture
  • Height: 170 cm


Asakura Akira first auditioned and won the semi-grand prix award for the 3rd Annual Miss Seventeen Contest in 1984. There was a battle between Asakura and Wanatabe Misato over who had the best song. But, both girls became friends at the end of the contest. She debuted as a singer two years later with the single "Savanna no Kaze" under the name Saito Saori.

In 1993, she later re-debuted as a singer with the single "Baby Lips" under a new name, Asakura Akira. Three years later, she became the vocalist for the band ROmantic Mode. But, she would take hiatus once again from her music career in 2000.

Asakura came back three years later in 2003 under a new name, SAORI. But, when she released the single "Mayonaka no Niji ~everlasting love~", she reverted her name back to Asakura Akira.




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