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B2Y promoting "Be Cra2Y" (2010)

B2Y (비투와이) was a Korean pop mixed group created by To Be Continue Group and debuted in 2009. B2Y stands for "Babyboys To Yearninggirls", title of their debut mini-album.



In January 2011 it was announced that the group would re-debut with a total change of members. This was announced after Hanyeon left the group to pursue his acting career and the two female members, Nara and Seoyeon, were expelled from the agency; which stated the intend to press charges against both, and their manager, for "committing immoral acts".

In March 2011 it was announced by the agency that the new group would debut in the first half of the year as a 4-male member group, however as early-mid 2012 the group has not yet debuted.


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