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Best Regards!

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Limited Edition A Cover
Limited Edition B Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Watanabe Mayu
Best Regards!
Catalog Number
SRCL-9647~8 (Limited Edition A)
SRCL-9649~50 (Limited Edition B)
SRCL-9651 (Regular Edition)
¥7,560 (Limited Editions)
¥3,780 (Regular Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Synchro Tokimeki (シンクロときめき; Synchro Heartbeat)
  2. Otona Jelly Beans (大人ジェリービーンズ; Adult Jelly Beans)
  3. Hikaru Monotachi (ヒカルものたち; Bright Things)
  4. Rappa Renshuuchuu (ラッパ練習中; During Trumpet Practice)
  5. Deai no Tsuzuki (出逢いの続き; An Encounter's Continuation)
  6. Sayonara no Hashi (サヨナラの橋; Bridge of Goodbye)
  7. Onna no Ko Nara (女の子なら; Since I'm a Girl)
  8. Tadashii Mahou no Tsukaikata (正しい魔法の使い方; The Right Way to Use Magic)
  9. Mamotte Agetaku Naru (守ってあげたくなる; I Want to Protect You)
  10. Saba no Kanzume (サバの缶詰; Canned Mackerel)
  11. Kaze no Violin (風のバイオリン; Wind's Violin) (Limited Edition A)
    Yuuhi no Ijiwaru (夕陽のいじわる; The Sunset's Unkindness) (Limited Edition B)
    Koyubi no Hohoemi (小指の微笑み; Pinky's Smile) (Regular Edition)
  12. Yasashiku Sasete (やさしくさせて; Let Me Be Kind) (Limited Edition A)
    Mirai no Koibito (未来の恋人; Future Lover) (Limited Edition B)
    Mayuyuroid (マユユロイド) (Regular Edition)
  13. Nantai Ren'ai Kuragekko (軟体恋愛クラゲっ娘; Delicate Little Jellyfish of Love) (Limited Edition A)
    Koi wa Shinpaishou (恋は心配性; Love Is Worrisome) (Limited Edition B)
    Magirashiteiru (紛らしている; Disctractions) (Regular Edition)
  14. Mayu no Tame ni (麻友のために; For Mayu's Sake) (Limited Edition A)
    Junjou Soda-sui (純情ソーダ水; Pure Heart Soda Water) (Limited Edition B)
    Triangler (トライアングラー) (Sakamoto Maaya cover) (Regular Edition)
Limited Edition A DVD Tracklist
  1. Synchro Tokimeki (シンクロときめき)
  2. Otona Jelly Beans (大人ジェリービーンズ)
  3. Hikaru Monotachi (ヒカルものたち)
  4. Rappa Renshuuchuu (ラッパ練習中)
  5. Deai no Tsuzuki (出逢いの続き)
  6. Sayonara no Hashi (サヨナラの橋)
  • Bonus Video
  1. Watanabe Mayu Bride Study Culinary Researcher Yuuki Susumu Teacher Apprenticeship! (渡辺麻友 花嫁修業 料理研究家・結城貢先生に弟子入り!)
  2. Super Goddess Advent ~Giant Mayuyu's Arrival in Akihabara!!~ (超・女神降臨 ~巨大マユユ、秋葉原に出現!!~)
  3. Really During Trumpet Practice (ホントにラッパ練習中)
  4. Mayuyu Goes! First Album Making in L.A. (まゆゆが行く!初めてのアルバム作り in L.A.)
  5. Mayuyu Solo Live ~Enjoy All Singles Digest~ (まゆゆソロライブ~全シングル分ダイジェストで召し上がれ~)
Limited Edition B DVD Tracklist
  • "Rappa Renshuuchuu" Release Event Solo Live Mayu's Restaurant ~Enjoy All Songs with Full Chorus~ (「ラッパ練習中」発売記念ソロライブMayu's レストラン~全曲フルコーラスを召し上がれ~)
  1. Opening
  2. Synchro Tokimeki (シンクロときめき)
  3. Twin Tail wa Mou Shinai (ツインテールはもうしない)
  4. Taiyou to Sanpo (太陽と散歩)
  5. Lavender no Juutan (ラベンダーのジュータン)
  6. Kiss no Sonar Oto (キスのソナー音)
  7. Hikaru Monotachi (ヒカルものたち)
  8. Heart no Soup (ハートのスープ)
  9. Mayuyuroid (マユユロイド)
  10. Otona Jelly Beans (大人ジェリービーンズ)
  11. Seifuku Identity (制服アイデンティティー)
  12. Zannen Shoujo (残念少女)
  13. Sayonara no Hashi (サヨナラの橋)
  14. Chiheisen no Kanata wa Doko ni Aru? -Beyond the horizon- (地平線の彼方はどこにある?)
  15. Mitsuami no Kimi e (三つ編みの君へ)
  16. Futari no Yoake (2人の夜明け)
  17. Saba no Kanzume (サバの缶詰)
  18. Cousin (カズン)
  19. Itsudemo Soba ni Ite Ageru (いつでも そばにいてあげる)
  20. Goujou na Junjou (強情な純情)
  21. Shinjuku Yuutousei (新宿優等生)
  22. Saisho no Jack (最初のジャック)
  23. Rappa Renshuuchuu (ラッパ練習中)
  24. Koi wo Funjatta (恋を踏んじゃった)
  25. Koyubi no Hohoemi (小指の微笑み)


Best Regards! is the first album released by Watanabe Mayu. It was released in three versions: two limited CD+DVD editions a regular CD edition.

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 4 3 5 8 11 16 5 20,575

Total Reported Sales: 20,575*

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