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Best of Infinite

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Limited Edition A Cover
Limited Edition B Cover
Regular First Press Edition Cover
Catalog Number
UICV-9194 (Limited Edition A)
UICV-9195 (Limited Edition B)
UICV-9196 (Regular First Press Edition)
¥5,400 (Limited Edition A)
¥4,320 (Limited B, Regular First Press Editions)
CD Tracklist
  1. D.N.A
  2. Dilemma
  3. Last Romeo ~Kimi ga Ireba Ii~ (Last Romeo ~君がいればいい~; If It's You)
  4. TO-RA-WA
  5. 24 Jikan (24時間; 24 Hours)
  6. Nothing's Over
  7. She's Back
  8. Man In Love
  9. Paradise
  10. Can't Get Over You
  11. Just Another Lonely Night
  12. Bad
  13. Be Mine
  14. BTD (Before The Dawn)
  15. Back
  16. Love of My Life
  17. Julia
  18. Destiny <Korean ver.> (Limited Edition A)
    The Chaser <Korean ver.> (Limited Edition B)
  19. Cover Girl <Korean ver.> (Limited Edition A)
    Yuudachi <Korean ver.> (夕立 <Korean ver.>; Shower <Korean ver.>) (Limited Edition B)
Blu-ray/DVD Tracklist
  1. D.N.A -Music Video-
  2. Can't Get Over You -Music Video-
  3. 24 Jikan -Music Video-
  4. Dilemma -Music Video-
  5. Last Romeo ~Kimi ga Ireba Ii~ -Music Video-
  6. Man In Love -Music Video-
  7. Man In Love -Teaser-
  8. She's Back -Music Video-
  9. She's Back -Teaser-
  10. Be Mine -Music Video-
  11. BTD (Before The Dawn) -Music Video-
  12. Bad <Korean ver.> -Music Video-
  13. Back <Korean ver.> -Music Video-
  14. Paradise <Korean ver.> -Music Video-
  15. Nothing’s Over <Korean ver.> -Music Video-
  16. TO-RA-WA <Korean ver.> -Music Video-
  17. D.N.A -Making-
    [Bonus Contents]
  18. Destiny <Korean ver.> -Music Video- (Limited Edition A)
    The Chaser <Korean ver.> -Music Video- (Limited Edition B)
  19. Tic Toc (OGS Returns Live ver.) -Music Video- (Limited Edition A)
    Shiroi Kokuhaku <Korean ver.> -Music Video- (白い告白 <Korean ver.> – Music Video -) (Limited Edition B)


BEST OF INFINITE is the first Japanese best album released by Infinite. It was released in three versions: a limited CD+Blu-ray edition (A), limited CD+DVD edition (B), and a regular first press CD Only edition that came in a sleeve case. Both limited editions came with a 36-page photo booklet while the regular edition came with an 80-page photo booklet.

Oricon Chart Positions

Infinite promoting the album
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 1 3 2 4 5 16 3 11,325
15 34 18 22 38 37 - 29 1,543
29 - - - - - - 81 625
- - - - - - - 124 533
- - - - - - - 232 309

Total Reported Sales: 14,335*

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