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Boogie Train '03

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CD Cover
Fujimoto Miki
Boogie Train '03 (ブギートレイン’03)
Release date
Catalog number
HKCN-50007 Limited Edition CD
HKCN-50008 CD
HKBN-50026 DVD
HKVN-50026 VHS
¥1,020 CD
¥1,260 Limited Edition CD/DVD/VHS
CD track listing
  1. Boogie Train '03 (ブギートレイン’03)
  2. Taisetsu (大切; Treasured)
  3. Boogie Train '03 (Instrumental) (ブギートレイン’03 (Instrumental))
Single V track listing
  1. Boogie Train '03 (ブギートレイン’03)
  2. Making of (ブギートレイン’03 メイキング映像)

Boogie Train '03 is Fujimoto Miki's fifth single, and her last before joining Morning Musume. It sold 37,410 copies the first week and 50,737 copies overall. The first pressing came in a limited edition tin packaging. "Boogie Train '03" appeared on Fujimoto's album MIKI①. The promotional video for "Boogie Train '03" features Hello! Project Kids Tsugunaga Momoko, Umeda Erika, Tokunaga Chinami, and Sudo Maasa.

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