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Brand New

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Special Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Brand New Special Edition (CD+VCD)
Brand New (CD Only)
CD Tracklist
  1. Shooting Star
  2. U
  3. Brand New
  4. Yeolbyeong (Crazy) (열병)
  5. Oh!
  6. Angel
  7. All of My...
  8. Time Machine
  9. Naui Jeonbu PART II (My Everything) (나의 전부)
  10. Nohayo (Set Free) (놓아요)
  11. Liar
  12. Wihayeo (Cheers!) (위하여)
  13. Wonhae (I Want) (원해)
  14. 2gether 4ever
VCD Tracklist
  1. Angel M/V making film
  2. Angel M/V
  3. Brand New M/V making film
  4. Brand New M/V
  5. SHINHWA Vol.7 Showcase sketch
  6. Yeolbyeong (Crazy) M/V making film (열병)
  7. 2gether 4ever M/V


Brand New is Shinhwa's seventh album and first one under Good Entertainment. The album was released in two editions, a regular CD only edition and a Special Edition including a VCD and a 44 page photobook. The title track and the songs "Yeolbyeong (Crazy)", "Angel" and "2gether 4ever" were used as lead tracks.

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