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Chart:RIAJ Digital Track Weekly for 2010 week 48

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Ryuusei (Kobukuro).jpg

Artist: Kobukuro
Song: Ryuusei
Released: 2010.11.17
Last week rank: 2

JUJU KonoYoru.jpg

Artist: JUJU
Song: Kono Yoru wo Tomete yo
Released: 2010.11.17
Last week rank: 1

# Last week rank Artist Song
3 3 Nishino Kana Kimi tte
4 7 Uemura Kana Toilet no Kami-sama
5 4 KARA Jumping
6 NEW YUI Rain
7 NEW AILI Memories Again ft. VERBAL (m-flo)
8 8 KARA Mister
9 NEW AZU To You...
10 NEW SID Ranbu no Melody