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Denrisou Karano Manazashi

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Album Cover
LP Record Sides
Denrisou Karano Manazashi (電離層からの眼指し; Points From the Eyes of the Ionosphere)
1995.11.22 (CD reissue)
Catalog Number
28BA-32 (LP)
28TB-32 (Cassette)
30CH-372 (CD)
TECN-15322 ('95 reissue)
¥1,529 ('95 reissue)
  1. Chikyu Goma (地球ゴマ; Gyro Top)
  2. Hyaku Hana no Utage (百華の宴; Hundred Flower Party)
  3. Nonchalant ni Machikado de (ノンシャランに街角で; On the Street Corner to the Nonchalant)
  4. Kaitei Tunnel (海底トンネル; Undersea Tunnel)
  5. Aru Ame no Gogo (或る雨の午后; A Certain Rainy Afternoon)
  6. Annapuruna no Kane (アンナプルナの鐘; The Bells Of Annapurna)
  7. Seidou no Nantai (青銅の軟体; Soft Body of a Bronze)
  8. Kitare Shi yo (来たれ死よ; Oh Death Come)
  9. Kaigenrei (戒厳令; Martial Law)
  10. Yume no Hashibashi (夢の端々; End of Our Dream)
  11. Rikuhyo (陸標; Landmark)

GUERNICA promoting the album

Denrisou Karano Manazashi is the third and final album released by GUERNICA. The album has been described as very theatrical, and it contains a large range of musical styles. The album reached #59 on Oricon charts, and charted for 3 weeks.

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