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Fei Ai Bu Ke

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Sunshine Cover
Night Cover
Beloved CD+DVD Cover
Eddie Peng
Fei Ai Bu Ke (非愛不可; Can't Not Love)
2010.05.21 (Beloved CD+DVD Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Fei Ai Bu Ke (非愛不可; Can't Not Love)
  2. Jiu Shi Wo Ai Ni (就是我愛你; This is I Love You)
  3. Bian Se Long (變色龍; Chameleon)
  4. Bu Xiang Zhe Yang (不想這樣; Don't Want Such a Thing)
  5. Zhuan Jiao De Xia Tian (轉角的夏天; Turning Point of Summer)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Fei Ai Bu Ke (MV)
  2. Zhuan Jiao De Xia Tian (MV)
  3. Bian Se Long (MV)
  4. 35 Minute Music Special


Feng Ai Bu Ke is the debut mini-album released by Eddie Peng. It was initially released in two editions; each with their own respective 88-page photobooks and pre-order bonuses. The mini-album was later re-released with included a bonus DVD and twelve postcards.

G-Music Charts

Week Rank Sales (%)
5 4.07
8 2.02
10 1.70
out for 1 week
7 2.17
15 0.65
12 1.00

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