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Fujimoto Miki no Dokimiki Night

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藤本美貴のドキみきNight (romaji: Fujimoto Miki no Dokimiki Night) is a CBC Radio show led by ex-Morning Musume leader Fujimoto Miki. It started airing on 02-10-13 and ended on 07-09-24. It occupied a Monday night slot from 23:30 to 00:00 (JST) on CBC Radio's Hyper Night which used to host Ishikawa Rika's Chanchaka Charmy, and currently hosts Michishige Sayumi's Konya mo Usachan Peace!.


Miki reads mail from her listeners, and often gives a short comment about what the listeners have to say.

Listeners send in tricky questions for Miki to answer. She usually has three chances to answer before the staff considers her to be wrong. A correct answer will earn her a gold star, while an incorrect one will earn her a black star. If she gets five gold stars, the staff has to give her a reward (this has almost always been either food, or something related to a current interest of Miki, like a book in English); if she gets five black stars, she'll get a punishment (which range from the slightly cruel to the downright unusual).

Miki receives mail from troubled listeners, and tries to solve their problems.

Miki receives simple, easy to cook recipes from listeners. If she can, she'll do them in the studio.

Miki reads true horror stories that happened to the listeners.

Miki does psychological tests sent in by listeners. This is a favorite of her, and she'll often take the test more seriously than most people would. The title means "The other side of the heart, let's do a great discovery!", hence the psychological tests.

Miki reads sad, happy, pensive, angry, and exhilarated remarks sent in by listeners. Usually coupled with a comment by her (as perhaps the listener thinks something is hilarious, but she'll think "isn't that rather boring?"). The title is a pun on Miki, her name, and 気持ち, feeling (kimochi).

Miki is the self-proclaimed queen of tongue twisters, and therefore takes on the challenge of reading tongue twisters sent by the listeners, three times. This corner is actually most used when she has a guest in the program, so that when either of them loses they have to do a humilliating punishment. It's rare for Miki to do it if she's alone in the studio, as "Dokimiki Question" is the reward/punishment corner most commonly used. The title means "New Tongue Twister Queen, Miki-sama is Here!"

Miki receives tsukkomi (harsh comments on mistakes or stupid things she might've done or said) from the listeners. As she is tsukkomi herself, she often is uncharacteristically mild during this corner. The title means "A regretful blow! Reverse Tsukkomikitty!", the last word being a pun on her Mikitty nickname and tsukkomi.

Miki replies to listener questions in the way in which she would interpret a problem (which is usually miles away from what the listener was expecting to listen). The title means "Problem! Question! It's Mikitty!"

A week or two before the corner is aired, Miki sends a convocatory of sorts to listeners: she poses an unlikely situation and the listeners have to give unlikely reasons for that situation to be taking place. For example, the first Miki Grand Prix question was "Miki is angry in the yakiniku place. Why?" Replies ranged from "Because someone suggested, 'you like meat so much, why don't you take it up as a hobby?' " (a fact known amongst fans is that Fujimoto doesn't have a hobby, so she'd have a reason to be offended that someone suggested for her to eat meat as a hobby), to "Because all the shop assistants were really nice to Michishige-san!" (Fujimoto and Michishige Sayumi don't exactly get along).


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