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G-SEVEN (ジーセブン), was a indies Japanese pop/rock band. The group is one of two groups that formed the band Hearts Grow. The band consists of five girls, and broke up in 2004 to start the new band along with band BAMBOO. In 2004 formed the band Hearts Grow, but Miyazato Neiro and Izena Miki not continue together with the band.



Miyazato Neiro continued her career with the band Selfish. The bands Hearts Grow and Selfish ended in 2009, after the death of Nakasone Hiraku, former president of Ajisai Music. In 2011, Nakasone Natsumi and Miyazato Neiro joined with other ex-members of Ajisai Music, and were a new band, Angrperchin.


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