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GEM (group)

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GEM promoting "Sugar Baby" (2016)

GEM (GEM; Girls Entertainment Mixture) was a Japanese pop idol group that was formed in December 2012. They are the third group to debut under avex sub-label iDOL Street, following SUPER☆GiRLS and Cheeky Parade. The theme of the group were gemstones and each member has been assigned her own gemstone.

Since November 2017 the group activities were on hiatus due to a contract infraction involving members Murakami Rana and Iyama Maho, leading both members to an indefinite suspension of activities. It was later revealed that both members left iDOL Street and consequently leaving the group. On January 15, 2018, it was announced that the group would be disbanding in spring.

On March 25, the group held their final concert GEM LAST STAGE ~Thank you GEMILY~ and disbanded a week after, on March 31.

Members at Time of Disbandment

Former Members


  • LUNA from GEM (Kanazawa, Ito, Morioka, Minamiguchi, Nishida) (non-debuted)
  • SOL from GEM (Kumashiro, Oguri, Murakami, Iyama, Hirano) (non-debuted)


Starting Members (2012)
Official Members (2013)
GEM promoting We're GEM! (2014)
GEM promoting Do You Believe? (2014)
GEM promoting "No Girls No Fun" (2015)

The starting line-up of GEM was announced in December of 2012 at SUPER☆GiRLS Christmas concert, with the members being selected from the Idol Street street-sei. The starting line-up consisted of Kanazawa, Morioka, Minamiguchi, Kumashiro, Murakami, Takeda, Iyama, Ozeki, Asakawa, Sakamoto and Uchimura. In April 2013 3 new members were added to the group: Ito, Oguri and Hirano. The group performed at various events including the street-sei concert series 'Streeeeegu'. The 10 official members of the group were announced on June 12, 2013 during a SUPER☆GiRLS concert held at Nippon Budokan to celebrate their third anniversary. In July of 2013 the group started a program on youtube called 'GEM nau'. They performed at the Tokyo Idol Festival 2013 in August. On October 14, 2013 at the iDOL Street EXPO 2013 it was announced that GEM would have their major debut on January 1, 2014. On November 17 their official website opened. GEM debuted on the 1st of January with the single We're GEM!. In September 2014 they held their first one man live at Shinjuku BLAZE.

In June 25, 2016, Takeda Maaya started her 2-year hiatus from the group to study abroad. In the same day, GEM annouced two new members: Noguchi Monami and Nishida Hirari. They also announced the new single "Spotlight", to be released in July 20.

In August 30, Monami Noguchi announced that she would be leaving the group, two months after being added to the group, to focus on school.

On October 22, GEM's first national tour was announced during their regular live that was held at AKIBA culture theater. They will be visiting Tokyo, Osaka, Aichi, Hokkaido, and Fukuoka prefecture. This is the first time that GEM will be holding their own lives at Hokkaido and Fukuoka (the hometown of Kanazawa Yuuki and Morioka Yu respectively).

On June 12, 2017, member Takeda Maaya announced that she would be starting her own Instagram account. The group also revealed a new logo that represented the group's goal of "GEM VICTORY YEAR".


Studio Albums


Music Cards

DVD / Blu-ray

Live Concerts

GEM Live Mixture 2013

  • August 9, 16, 23, 30 - TwinBox AKIHABARA (August 9 - Just! Call Me debuted, August 30 - Brand-New Girl debuted)
  • September 8, 15 - Nagoya LIVE HALL M.I.D
  • October 27 - AKIBA Culture's Theatre (We're Gem! debuted)
  • November 17 - DDD Aoyama Cross Theatre
  • November 23 - AKIBA Culture's Theatre
  • November 24, December 1 - DDD Aoyama Cross Theatre (December 1 - BFF debuted)
  • December 24, 25 - Akiba ☆ Sofmap 1 shop
  • December 26, 27, 28 - DDD Aoyama Cross Theatre (December 28 - PAN-PAKA-PAN! debuted)
  • December 29 - AKIBA Culture's Theatre

One day late Valentine ~I'll Target Your Heart♪~ SP Live (1日遅れのバレンタイン〜あなたのHeartを撃ち抜いちゃうぞ♪〜SPライブ)

  • February 15 - AKIBA Culture's Theatre (2 Performances)

GEM Live Mixture 2014 〜Black or White〜

  • March 8, 9 - Nagoya LIVE HALL M.I.D
  • March 15, 16 - AKIBA Culture's Theatre (March 15 - GIRL'S NATURAL LIVE)
  • April 5, 6 - Aru Aru YY Theatre
  • May 24 - Hamamatsu FORCE
  • July 19 - Sakai Higashi Goith (Like A Heartbeat debuted)

GEM 〜Black or White Showcase〜

  • April 20 - HMV Sannomiya
  • May 5 - Hankyu Nishinomiya Gardens
  • May 18 - LaLaport Yokohama
  • May 24 - Pre-leaf walk Hamakita
  • June 1 - Tama plaza terrace

GEM Live Mixture2014 Hatsu One Man!! ~Yume ni kagayake! Go for it~ (初ワンマン!! 〜夢に輝け!Go for it★〜)

  • September 13 - Shinjuku BLAZE (2 Performances, DANCIN' DANCIN' DANCE!! debuted)

iDOL Street Thankyou 2014

  • December 23, 25 - DDD Aoyama Cross Theatre

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