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Good Day Season 2

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Single Cover
Digital Single
Good Day Season 2 (굿데이 시즌2)
  1. Good Day Season 2 (굿데이 시즌 2)
  2. Good Day Season 2 (Inst.)


"Good Day Season 2" is KARA's first digital single. The song is a newly arranged version of "Good Day", the fourth track on KARA's debut mini-album 1st Mini Album and was a gift from KARA to their fans. It was rearranged by the same duo who produced "Rock U", KARA's lead single for "1st Mini Album" , and the song was described as having a "lovely melody" that showcases "the bright and lively charms of the powerful voices of the girls of KARA". "GOODDAY Season 2" also appears on KARA's third mini-album Pretty Girl (Special Edition) as track #5.

Song Information

Han Jae Ho, Kim Seung Soo
Han Jae Ho, Kim Seung Soo
Other Information
Arrangement: Han Jae Ho, Kim Seung Soo


There are currently three versions of "Good Day" to be found in KARA's discography. These are:

Good Day
Found on 1st Mini Album mini-album as track #4.
Good Day Season 2
Found on "GOODDAY Season 2" single as track #1.
Good Day Season 2 (Inst.)
Found on "GOODDAY Season 2" single as track #2.

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