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Halmens no 20 Seiki

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Album Cover
Halmens no 20 Seiki (ハルメンズの20世紀; 20th Century Halmens)
Halmens no 20 Seiki+8 (ハルメンズの20世紀+8) ('13 reissue)
1981.07.21 (LP)
1988.10.21 (Cassette)
1990.04.21 (CD reissue)
2013.10.20 (CD reissue)
Catalog Number
YLR-20001 (LP)
VDR-5272 (Cassette)
VICL-2016 ('90 reissue)
VICL-70094 ('13 reissue)
¥2,039 ('90 reissue)
¥2,100 ('13 reissue)
  1. Shumi no Jidai (趣味の時代; Era of Hobbies)
  2. Q-P-Dance (Q-P-ダンス)
  3. Sho Soba Rojin (焼ソバ老人; Fried Old Man)
  4. Animation (アニメイション)
  5. Shonen Tachi (少年たち; The Boys)
  6. Single Hand BOY (シングル・ハンドBOY)
  7. Kofuku no Mirai (幸福の未来; Future of Happiness)
  8. Masked Party (マスクト・パーティー)
  9. Jungle Toshi (ジャングル都市; Jungle City)
  10. O Sanpo (お散歩; Walk)
  11. Haru no Arashi (春の嵐; Spring Storm)
  12. Narcissistic (ナルシスティック)
  13. Golden Age (ゴールデン・エイジ)
  14. Funyafunya Cyborg (ふにゃふにゃサイボーグ; Squishy Cyborg)
  15. Boshi Jusei (母子受精; Star Fertilization)
  16. Mustard (マスタード)
  17. Kofuku no Mirai ~Studio Live (幸福の未来~スタジオライブ) (2013 reissue Only)
  18. Kurai Tokoro e ~Studio Live (暗いところへ~スタジオライブ; To the Dark) (2013 reissue Only)
  19. Rythem Undo ~Studio Live take2 (リズム運動~スタジオライブtake2; Rhythm Motion) (2013 reissue Only)
  20. Android Onna ~Studio Live take2 (アンドロイドな女~スタジオライブtake2; Android Woman) (2013 reissue Only)
  21. Densha de GO ~Studio Live take2 (電車でGO~スタジオライブtake2; GO Train) (2013 reissue Only)
  22. Free Talking ~Studio Live (フリートーキング~スタジオライブ) (2013 reissue Only)
  23. Radar Man ~Studio Live (レーダー・マン~スタジオライブ) (2013 reissue Only)
  24. Atashi Virgin ~Rhythm Track (あたしバージン~リズムトラック; I am a Virgin) (2013 reissue Only)


Halmens no 20 Seiki is the second album released by HALMENS. The 2013 reissue includes 8 new unreleased track demos. Some songs were re-recorded and later released by fellow guest member Togawa Jun during her solo career.

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