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Heartbreaker (G-Dragon)

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Album Cover
Repackage Cover
2011.10.17 (Repackage)
  1. Sonyeoniyeo (소년이여; A Boy)
  2. Heartbreaker
  3. Breathe
  4. Butterfly (feat. Jin Jung)
  5. Hello (feat. Dara (다라))
  6. Gossip Man (feat. Kim Gun Mo (김건모))
  7. Korean Dream (feat. Taeyang (태양))
  8. The Leaders (feat. Teddy, CL)
  9. She's Gone (feat. Kush)
  10. 1 Nyeon Jeonggeojang (1년 정거장; 1 Year Station)


Heartbreaker is G-Dragon first full solo album. The title track was the first song to be chosen for the album promotion, followed by "Breathe", "Butterfly (G-Dragon)" and "Sonyeoniyeo". All four songs had music videos produced for them. The cover art features a 3D mold of G-Dragon's face and for the title track performances G-Dragon dancers wore mask in the same shape. The album won various awards and sold more than 250.000 copies.

After the release of the album G-Dragon was accused of plagiarism by Sony Music Entertainment. They stated that the track "Heartbreaker" was similar to Flo Rida's "Right Round" and "Butterfly" was similar to Oasis's "She's Electric". On September 21, 2009 it was reported that Sony sent YG Entertainment warning letters about the plagiarism issue. However YG Entertainment claimed that nothing had been decided and that the letters they received from Sony can't be considered legal actions. In early March YG Entertainment revealed that Flo Rida was going to be featured in a remix edition of "Heartbreaker" which was released on the bonus CD of G-Dragon's first live album, G-Dragon Live Concert Album SHINE A LIGHT .

Two years after the initial release of the album, in October 2011, the album was re-released featuring a new cover and packaging due a high percentage of defective products during the production of the original.

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