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Hello! Project on GyaO

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From the beginning of October 2005, members of the internet service provider in Japan called GyaO were able to access special videos of Hello! Project members. Whereas FLET'S took the handheld videocam approach, the videos GyaO made were more produced and professionally made to a broadcast tv standard. GyaO ceased producing Hello! Project content at the end of November 2006.

Episode Listing

Morning Musume Bunkasai 2005 in Yokohama

"Takaramono" (Drama starring Abe Natsumi)

New Year Comment 2006

060215 Gyao Cup. Carezza vs Gatas Brilhantes HP

Hello Pro Hour

KonnichiWANKO (こんにちワンコ)

Clip Ring

Rank 'n Shuffle

Doutoku Joshi Tandai - Ecoken


061124 MUSIC and PEOPLE and Matsuura Aya

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