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Hit For 6ix

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Album Cover
Kim Hyun Jung
Hit For 6ix
  1. Mot (못; Nail)
  2. Kkeutiramyeon (끝이라면; If It's the End)
  3. Hit Me
  4. Pungseongwa Couple Ring (풍선과 커플링; Balloon and Couple Ring)
  5. Happy Birthday
  6. Don't Tell Mama (돈텔마마)
  7. Namjaui Yuhok (남자의 유혹; Temptation of Man)
  8. Stop It
  9. Geunomui Gyeolhonsik (그놈의 결혼식; His Wedding)
  10. Cheot Nal (첫 날; First Day)
  11. Jasineobsneun (자신없는 이별; Breakup Without Confidence)
  12. Not Alone
  13. The Ring Around My Balloon
  14. Kkeutiramyeon (끝이라면)


Hit For 6ix is the sixth album released by Kim Hyun Jung. "Kkeutiramyeon" and "Geunomui Gyeolhonsik" were used as the lead tracks.

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