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Hitotsu ni Naritai

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Ayaka Edition Cover
Comet Lucifer Edition Cover
Ohashi Ayaka
Hitotsu ni Naritai (ヒトツニナリタイ; I Want to Become One)
Catalog Number
LACM-14428 (Ayaka Edition)
LACM-14429 (Comet Lucifer Edition)
¥2,160 (Ayaka Edition)
¥1,296 (Comet Lucifer Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Hitotsu ni Naritai (ヒトツニナリタイ)
  2. Super dreaming days
  3. Nyanderful Life (にゃんダフルらいふ)
  4. Hitotsu ni Naritai (Off Vocal)
  5. Super dreaming days (Off Vocal)
  6. Nyanderful Life (Off Vocal)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Hitotsu ni Naritai -Music Video-
  2. Hitotsu ni Naritai -Making Video-


"Hitotsu ni Naritai" is the fourth single released by Ohashi Ayaka. It was released in two versions: a CD+DVD "Ayaka" edition and a CD Only "Comet Lucifer" edition. The title track was used as an image song for the anime Comet Lucifer.

Song Information

Ohashi Ayaka promoting the single
Hata Aki
Yabuki Kana
Other Information
Arrangement: Maeguchi Wataru

Oricon Chart Positions

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Total Reported Sales: x*

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