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INORAN promoting Dive youth, Sonik dive (2012)

INORAN (イノラン) is the rythm guitarist for Japanese rock band LUNA SEA. After LUNA SEA disbanded, he released one single and two albums and later founded FAKE? with Ken Lloyd of Oblivion Dust. After having musical differences with Ken, he quit FAKE? and founded Tourbillon with Ryuichi. His nick name 'INORAN' came into existance when he was in baseball game; He hit the ball and a fan kept shouting "INO! RUN!!" which sound "INORAN". INORAN is claustrophobic, which made him to compose the song "Claustrophobia", the c/w of LUNA SEA's debut single "BELIEVE".



INORAN promoting apocalypse (2008)
INORAN promoting Teardrop (2011)


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  • [2011.10.xx] bridge Vol.69 (Feature)

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