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Joewa Beol

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Saldaga Cover
SG Wannabe
Joewa Beol (죄와 벌; Sin And Punishment)
Nam Min Seol
Kim Do Hoon
Other Information
Arrangement: Kim Do Hoon

"Joewa Beol" is a song released by SG Wannabe. The song was used as lead track for Saldaga album and it's music video featured actors Ha Suk Jin and Suh Joon Young, and actress Han Eun Jung. A second part of the music video was released featuring the song "Saldaga", the second lead track of the album. A second part of the song, "Joewa Beol Part.II", featuring new music and lyrics was included on their fifth album My Friend.


Joewa Beol
Found on Saldaga album as track #1, and on the best album The Precious History as track #8. This is the standard version set to the PV.
Joewa Beol (Electronica Ver.)
Found on the second CD of Saldaga Music 2.0 Special Edition album as track #7. This is the standard version with a different instrumentation.