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KATSUMI (2008)

KATSUMI is a Japanese rock singer-songwriter and a former member of adam and Project DMM.


  • Real Name: Watanabe Katsumi (渡辺克巳)
  • Birthday: October 20, 1965 (1965-10-20) (age 52)
  • Birthplace: Hitachi, Ibaraki Prefecture
  • Blood Type: AB


KATSUMI got his start in music when he was in high school by belonging to the music club at his high school. After graduation, KATSUMI began to perform at various livehouses around Japan with a band till 1989. A year later, KATSUMI was offered a music contract with the label Pioneer LDC and released his first single "SHINING IN THE NIGHT" and album SHINING soon after. But, it wasn't until his fourth single, "It's My JAL", that KATSUMI garnered his first hit single. KATSUMI also hit #1 in 1994 when he released his fifth album SUPER BALANCE.

In 1991, KATSUMI joined the chorus group adam with Kusunose Seishiro and Sakiya Kenjiro. Athough the group never really released anything offical together, they appeared together on each member's releases, including KATSUMI's album Rose is a Rose.

KATSUMI changed labels in 1997 to Warner Music Japan and released his first self-produced album DEVOTION soon after. Two years later, he was released from Warner Music Japan and went to start his own label. KATSUMI also went onto join the group Project DMM, a Tokusatsu singing group for the series Ultraman, in 2001 and released songs for the series. However, the group disbanded in 2009.


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