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Kafuka promoting Tokyo 9 Stories (2015)

Kafuka (カフカ) is a Japanese rock band under UK.PROJECT.



The band formed in 2008 in Tokyo by Kaneko Kouta, Yoshimi Naoya, and Fujii Daishi. They released their first album Memento. on August 6th and held their first live "Kodomotachi no Shiroi me no Ue de vol. 1" on August 17th at Shibuya Club Kinoto. Following that, in October they held their release tour "Iede", with their final performance on October 27th at Shimokitazawa SHELTER. Barring 2009, Kafuka has released every consecutive year following their formation.

In 2013, guitarist Muira Uchuu became a member, turning Kafuka into a 4-piece band.


Studio Albums



Compilations / Other

  • [2012.12.05] pulse (#1 Sayonara, 13ji - Kafuka)

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