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Koshinaka Makoto

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Koshinaka Makoto (2010)

Koshinaka Makoto (越中睦士) is a J-rock singer who debuted in 1999 as the vocalist of a Japanese rock band Λucifer. Nowadays, he is the vocalist of the band TRICK.


  • Name: Koshinaka Makoto (越中睦士; previously written 越中睦)
  • Birthday: July 15, 1980 (1980-07-15) (age 37)
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
  • Blood Type: O


Koshinaka Makoto debuted in 1999 as the vocalist of J-rock band Λucifer, a real-life counterpart of a band with the same name in the anime Kaikan Phrase. Unlike the other band members who used names from the anime series, Koshinaka decided to used his real name instead of using the name "Ookochi Sakuya", who is the vocalist of Λucifer in the anime.

After Λucifer disbanded in 2003, Koshinaka started solo career as a singer. He released a mini-album called "VIBRATION" in October 2003. He also started an acting and modeling career later. In 2007, his first full-length solo album called "flair" was released.

In November 2009, Λucifer announced that they are reuniting. A tour with 5 stops was announced which will be held from the end of August until September 2010. According to the Japanese version of Wikipedia, Λucifer will stop their activities after their show in Thailand in 25th September 2010, imitating the way they stopped their career 7 years ago.

In August 2010, he announced at his website that he has formed a new band called TRICK.

He also stated in an interview with J-Channel that he is going to learn some more in acting. He will take part in a stage play called "Urizun no Kaze" which will be held from October 26th to 31st. He will be paired with a gravure idol, Hirata Misato.





  • [2003.12.17] Mado (窓)


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