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Album Cover
LaLa Xu
CD Tracklist
  1. Wo Yi Xi (喔伊細; Oishii)
  2. Yuan Wu Qu (圓舞曲; Walts)
  3. VIP
  4. Shi Luo Sha Zhou (失落沙洲; Lost Desert)
  5. Bai Qi (白旗; White Flag)
  6. Shen Qi Bai Ma(身騎白馬; Riding a White Horse)
  7. Yi Yang De Yue Guang (一樣的月光; Same Moonlight)
  8. Ming Zhi Gu Fan (明知故犯; Did It Anyways)
  9. Chu Kou (出口; Exit)
  10. Heng Qing Ge (哼情歌; Humming a Love Song)
  11. Mei Suo Men (沒鎖門; Didn't Lock the Door)


LaLa is the debut album released by LaLa Xu.

G-Music Charts

LaLa Xu promoting the album
Week Rank Sales (%)
4 5.62
5 3.51
5 2.40
10 1.29
17 0.97

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