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Le Xingzhe

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Album Cover
JJ Lin
Le Xingzhe (樂行者; Music Voyager)
CD Tracklist
  1. Jiushi Wo (就是我; Just Me)
  2. Hui Dushu (會讀書; Read a Book)
  3. Chibang (翅膀; Wing)
  4. Xingqiu (星球; Celestial Body)
  5. Dongjie (凍結; Freeze)
  6. Yali (壓力; Pressure)
  7. Nu'er Jia (女兒家; Daughter's Home)
  8. Xingkong Xia De Wen (星空下的吻; Heaven's Kiss)
  9. Rang Wo Xingdong De Ren (讓我心動的人; Person That Startles Me)
  10. Hui You Name Yi Tian (會有那麼一天; Can Have That One Day)
  11. Budong (不懂; Don't Understand)


Le Xingzhe is the debut album released by JJ Lin.

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