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Lena Park Forever

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Album Cover
Lena Park
Lena Park Forever
  1. Intro
  2. 3:30 am
  3. Majimak Sigan (마지막 시간; Last Time)
  4. Ohaeya (오해야; It's a Misunderstanding)
  5. One Summer Night 97'
  6. Cheotnun (첫눈; First Snow)
  7. Eotteokhae (어떡해; What Should I Do)
  8. Naeanui Geurium (내안의 그리움; The Longing in Me)
  9. Eongkeumhan Neo (엉큼한 너; Ambitious You)
  10. Baby's Groove
  11. We are Friends
  12. Outro


Lena Park Forever is a special album released by Lena Park. It compiles songs produced/recorded in 1996 (two years prior her debut) that were discarded for her debut' album.

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