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Lia (2005)

Lia is a Japanese singer-songwriter known for her work with Key Sounds Label and I've Sound.


Lia started her career by singing the theme songs for visual novels and eroge games and is particularly known for "Tori no Uta", the theme of the well-known visual novel, AIR. Currently she is signed to queens label and is a member of the vocalist collective Veil. As LIA (note the all caps spelling), she pursues a harder, dance orientated happy hardcore sound and has released three remix albums in the enigmatic LIA series and SPECTRUM RAYS, a collection of tracks. In 2009, Lia announced that she recently got married to a man she had previously been dating. She also announced that she was taking an hiatus because she was expecting her first child. On January 31, 2010, Lia gave birth to her child. Like other doujin artists, not much information about her is known.




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