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Lin promoting VALUE-EXCLAIM (2012)

Lin (凛), also known as Lin -the end of corruption world-, was a five member rock band of the visual-kei variety from Osaka. Though KISAKI was releasing details about Lin since early 2010, he announced the full details about the band through UNDER CODE's official website after Phantasmagoria's last one-man concert Diamond Dust in Truth ~Arata na Yakusoku~ at Osaka BIG CAT on April 5th, 2010.

After news about Lin's debut studio album was released on June 20th, it was also revealed that they would hold their last tour during the rest of the summer and into September; culminating at their last oneman Independent -MAZE- on October 2nd and 8th at Osaka RUDIO and Harajuku ASTRO HALL respectively. Days later, KISAKI announced that Lin would be going into a temporary activity pause, and deatils about it would be in the July 21st CURE issue.


Former Members


Lin promoting "As If Forever Exists." (2010)

In early 2010 KISAKI posted a comment on UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's website regarding Phantasmagoria's revival and final live. In it he announced two things, the first was that he decided that he wanted to restart his band activities, and the second a new band will be formed sometime during the summer (of 2010). In March more details were revealed: the band would be called "Lin" (凛), they would have their first live on May 23rd at Nanba HATCH as a part of the "Over the Edge '10 @ OSAKA" event, and the band will release a self-titled premium single through UCP's webshop on April 25th.

On UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's website after Phantasmagoria's last live, the complete details about Lin and their starting activities were revealed. The member line-up was released; with RIKU (chariots) on vocals, MIZUKI (ex-Misaruka) and KANATA (ex-chariots) on guitars, KISAKI on bass, and REIYA (ex-chariots) on drums. "As If Forever Exists.", their debut single, was to be released on June 2nd. Lin's releasing schedule also had them contributing a track ("Foolish") for the compilation album NEO VOLTAGE, which was to be released on May 26th. To promote Lin's debut, a 14 stop tour titled As If Forever Exists. was scheduled to start at the "Over the Edge '10 @ OSAKA" event on May 23rd and continue until August 31st at Umeda SHANGIRLA. Seven instore events were also planned, spanning from June 5th to July 17th.

Lin promoting Independent "MAZE" (2011)


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  • [2010.08.01] Lin Polaroid


  • [2010.09.xx] FOOL'S MATE 2010 November Issue (Feature)
  • [2010.10.xx] FOOL'S MATE December Issue (Feature)


  • [2010.10.01] Lin Photo Set 02-A
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  • [2010.12.01] Lin RIKU x KISAKI Photo Set
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  • [2011.07.01] Lin Photo Set 05-A
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