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LYn promoting #10 (2018)

LYn (린) is a Korean R&B singer currently under 325 E&C. She initially debuted under her real name, Lee Se Jin, but found little success. After a break to pursue vocal lessons, she returned in late 2002 under the stage name Lyn with the album Have You Ever Had Heart Broken?. It proved to be a success and since then she has been called one of Korea's best female R&B singers. One of her biggest hits was the song "Saranghaetjanha..." from her 2004 album, Can U See The Bright.




Lyn promoting The Pride Of The Morning (2007)
Lyn promoting Let Go, Let In, It's A New Day (2009)

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  • [2015.01.22] 24th Seoul Music Awards: OST Award

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