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Nishimoto Mari (left) and Takahashi Misuzu (right) formed MANISH

MANISH was a two member band from 1990 to 2002 under the label ZAIN RECORDS.


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Before releasing their first single, Nishimoto and Takahashi, along with two other girls, formed the four person idol group DALI in 1992 but broke up after releasing their first single, entitled "Moonlight Densetsu". When the group broke up, Nishimoto and Takahashi was chosen to form the two person band MANISH. They released their first single in December that year, titled "Koibito to Yobenai Distance". With B'z arranger, Akashi Masao, the band was known as the "Female Version of B'z" with their up-tempo pop-rock.

The band stopped releasing new material in 1996 but didn't break up until 2002.




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