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Matsubara Miki

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Matsubara Miki

Matsubara Miki (松原みき) is a Japanese singer, lyricist, and composer. Matsubara made her music debut when she joined the rock band Gurei while in college. After graduation, she became the keyboardist for folk group Yoshika Band in 1975. She later made her solo debut four years later with the single "Mayonaka no Door ~ Stay With Me".

In 1991, Matsubara took a pause in her music career to start composing and writing lyrics for other artists and for songs of anime. But sadly, she died from cervical cancer in 2004.


  • Birthdate: November 28, 1959
  • Date of Death: October 7, 2004 (aged 44)
  • Birthplace: Sakai, Osaka Prefecture
  • Blood Type: O


Studio Albums

Cover Album

+ [1984.10.21] BLUE EYES

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