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Matsuyuki Yasuko

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Matsuyuki Yasuko

Matsuyuki Yasuko (松雪泰子) is a Japanese actress and former Japanese pop singer.


  • Birthdate: November 28, 1972
  • Birthplace: Tosu, Saga Prefecture
  • Blood Type: O


Matsuyuki Yasuko got her start when she was elected to audition for the MEN'S NON-NO contest, 1st Annual MEN'S NON-NO Girlfriend audition. Soon after, she became an actress after graduating from high school, starring in her first role in the dorama Nekketsu! Shinyuushain Sengen. But, Matsuyuki established herself as an actress and gained popularity after appearing in the 1993 dorama Shiratori Reiko de Gozaimasu!.

In 1995, Matsuyuki pursued her short-lived music career with the release of her debut single, "ESP". Three years later, she married the guitarist GAKU from the band The Rills. In 2006, she gained her biggest hit of her career by appearing in the movie Hula Girls. She earned two awards for Best Leading Actress for that year, and again in 2008 for the movies Yogisha X no Kenshin and Detroit Metal City. In 2007, she participated in the song "Blessing Soul", the b-side to the single "Tengoku no Uta" by Taiji All Stars.





  • 2007: 18th Daily Issue Sports Movie Awards for Best Leading Actress (Hula Girls)
  • 2007: 30th Japan Academy Awards for Best Leading Actress (Hula Girls)
  • 2008: 32nd Japan Academy Awards for Best Leading Actress (Detroit Metal City)
  • 2008: 32nd Japan Academy Awards for Best Leading Actress (Yogisha X no Kenshin)

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