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Miss S

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Miss $ promoting "Yeonghoneobsi Malhajima" (2016)

Miss $ (미스에스; also known as Miss S) is a Korean pop/hip-hop female duo that debuted in 2008 and currently under Brand New Music.


Former Members


Miss $ promoting S Class (2009)

Miss $ debuted in 2008 as a duo formed by Tae Hye Yeong and Oh Yumi with the digital single "Miss $ Diary" and soon adopted an image of "the first female hip-hop group that specializes in ballads". They started gaining popularity in 2009 with their first album S Class featuring Ne;MO as guest member. After Ne;MO left the group to pursue her solo career, the trio became a duo once again.

They released their second digital single "miss" in November 2010. A mini-album including the three songs featured on the digital single was released one month later titled pro. Miss.u. The group took then a one year hiatus, and in this time Tae Hye Yeong left and was replaced by Jace. They came back in November 2011 with their second album Miss Terious. In 2012 they added a third member to the group making it a trio again with Kang Min Hee and released their second digital single "Dambae Jom Julyeo" and a third mini album less than one month later Miss Us?.


Miss $ promoting Miss Terious (2011)
Miss $ promoting Miss Us? (2012)



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