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Miyazaki Aoi

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Miyazaki Aoi during "Solanin"(2010)

Miyazaki Aoi is a Japanese actress (and former U-15 idol) made famous by her many roles in television and movies, such as "NANA", "Chotto Matte, Kamisama" and "Atsuhime". She married fellow actor Takaoka Sousuke on June 15th, 2007.



Miyazaki Aoi with nine years old (1994)

Miyazaki Aoi made her debut at four years old. As with most child actors her age, Miyazaki worked mainly on commercials and magazine advertisements, but she was also acquiring small roles in doramas and films. However, she was often uncredited in these works. She began "officially" acting sometime between 1997 and 1999.

Miyazaki's film debut came in 1999 with the film "Ano, Natsu no Hi". She continued to appear in other films and dramas and in 2001 was given the Best Actress award for her role in "Gaichuu". The following year she won another award for Most Valuable Rookie of the Year in "EUREKA", a film that had been released a year prior to her win. The same year she starred in the Japanese drama "Keitai Deka Zenigata Ai", the first of the Keitai Deka Zenigata series.

Her musical debut was made in 2003 by starring in the Japanese production of "Le Petit Prince" (titled "Hoshi no Oujisama"). Miyazaki earned the 41st Golden Arrow award for Theater Newcomer with this role. By now she was becoming well-known throughout Japan (with her popularity extending to other countries as well), and starring in the drama "Chotto Matte, Kamisama" only added to her current fame.

Arguably, Miyazaki's defining role was in 2005, her biggest year yet. The manga "NANA", about two different girls with the same name, had become a smash hit in Japan, with a storyline extending to the most unlikely of fans.

Miyazaki Aoi during "NANA"(2005)

When a live-action film was announced, Miyazaki's name was on the cast list as Komatsu Nana, one of the two major characters, alongside pop/jazz singer Nakashima Mika as Oosaki Nana. The movie proved to be as much of a hit as the manga it was adapted from and Miyazaki was now known among many manga fans for her portrayal. (It should be noted Miyazaki turned down the role for the sequel of 2006 for various reasons; instead Ichikawa Yui became the new Komatsu Nana.)

With yet another starring role in 2006 in the drama "Junjou Kirari", Miyazaki's popularity continued to rise, and she won the Golden Arrow award again for her performance. In the same year she starred in "Hatsuyuki no Koi: Virgin Snow", a collaboration effort between both Japan and South Korea. In May 2007 the film was simultaneously broadcast in both countries. It was announced in June that Miyazaki married fellow actor Takaoka Sousuke, whom she had been dating for around seven years.

Miyazaki Aoi and Tamaki Hiroshi during "Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru" (2006)

Aoi Miyazaki has taken a more prominent position in activism projects. In 2005, Aoi Miyazaki with older brother Miyazaki Masaru traveled to India to experience firsthand poverty stricken in that area and highlight those problems to their fans via their 2006 photobook "Tarinai Peace". In 2006, the siblings traveled to Denmark & Finland to investigate global warming. Their experiences were then published in their 2007 photobook "Love.Peace & Green Tarinai Peace2". More recently, in April, 2008, Aoi Miyazaki took part in the Gold Ribbon Walking event in Roppongi, Tokyo to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer. Her 2008 film "Yami no Kodomotachi" also addresses issues of child exploitation. In 2008, she won the Galaxy Individual Award for her performance in the NHK drama "Atsuhime".

In 2010, Inio Asano's popular manga "Solanin" is being adapted as a live-action movie, starring Aoi Miyazaki.The movie is directed by Takahiro Miki, who is better known for making music videos. One scene features Miyazaki's character performing on stage, so she has been training in guitar and vocals since the end of 2008.


  • Miyazaki is good friends with fellow actress Aoi Yuu. They met on the set of "Gaichuu" and have known each other through commercials. Through a photo essay, Miyazaki said she is also close friends with Kuriyama Chiaki, Sudo Atsuko, Becky, and Matsumoto Marika after working with them for the "o-daiba" drama in 2000-2001. (All four contributed to the essay as well.) When she announced her marriage, she told these four first before anybody else (aside from Kuriyama, who had been busy filming a drama away from where Miyazaki was).
  • As a photographer, Miyazaki uses a Nikon FM3A (silver body) camera with Ai Nikkor 45mm F2.8P lens. She made the camera strap herself by knitting hemp. Kashii Yu, another Japanese actress and model (and fan of Miyazaki's) uses the same model. Kurokawa Mei, a Japanese actress and gravure idol with whom Miyazaki has worked in the past, has said in an interview that she uses the black model of the camera after seeing Miyazaki using the silver one.
  • Her brother is Miyazaki Masaru , who is two years older than her. Like Aoi, Masaru is affiliated with Hirata Office. They have even worked together in a handful of films and dramas, including "EUREKA" and "Riyuu".
  • The first time Aoi Miyazaki dyed her hair was for her role in "NANA".
  • She first read the manga "NANA" after receiving the role in that film.


Miyazaki Aoi during "Hatsuyuki no Koi: Virgin Snow" (2007)
Miyazaki Aoi during "Atsuhime"(2008)



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