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Morning Musume Dai Nikai Member Tsuika Audition

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モーニング娘。第2回追加オーディション (Romaji: Morning Musume Dai Nikai Member Tsuika Audition; English: Morning Musume Second Additional Member Audition) is the audition to choose the third generation member(s) of Morning Musume. The winner was Goto Maki.


Female, minimum of 7th grade student.

First round

Over 11.000 applications were received, and 21 girls were chosen in the first round.

Second round

21 girls chosen from the first round, but one of the girls declined. That makes twenty girls who passed the first round of auditions.

For the second round, the videotape and profile of each girl is viewed by Tsunku, who then arbitrarily selects the ones he wants to go into the third round.

Third round

Five girls were chosen from the second round:


After completing the temple training camp the final candidates were narrowed down to five people. It had already been decided that Morning Musume's 9th single was set for release on September 9th, 1999 with nine people, so intentions were to add two new members to the existing seven member group. Judges decided however, that since the level difference between one candidate over the other candidates is too large to be balanced out, only one person was chosen.

The winner was revealed on an episode of ASAYAN on August 22, 1998: Goto Maki.

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