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My Love (Hebe Tian)

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Album Cover
Hebe Tian
My Love
CD Tracklist
  1. Wutuobang (烏托邦; Utopia)
  2. Yaoshuo Shenme (要說什麼; What to Say?)
  3. My Love
  4. Qing Ni Gei Wo Hao Yidian De Qingdi (請你給我好一點的情敵; Please Give Me A Better Rival in Love)
  5. Haishi Yao Xingfu (還是要幸福; Still Want Happiness)
  6. Mogui Zhong De Tianshi (魔鬼中的天使; Devil's Angel)
  7. Wushishengfei (無事生非; Make Trouble Out of Nothing)
  8. Hua Hua Shijie (花花世界; Flowery World)
  9. Yingzi De Yingzi (影子的影子; Shadow's Shadow)
  10. Ni (妳; You)


My Love is the second album released by Hebe Tian. The pre-order edition of the album came with a bag.

G-Music Charts

Week Rank Sales (%)
3 5.78
3 6.78
5 3.39
7 3.10
4 4.25
9 1.24
19 0.52
out for 1 week
16 0.67

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