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Pabo (2007)

Pabo (パボ or 바보) is a three-member Japanese pop group under the group Hexagon Family. Their debut single, "Koi no Hexagon", was used as a ending theme song for the television show Quiz Hexagon II, which all three members appear regularly on.



The group formed in 2007 after the premiere of the show Quiz Hexagon II. The group name was chosen from submissions sent to the show. The name comes from the Korean word for "stupid".

The group released their first single. entitled "Koi no Hexagon", a few months later, only gaining #12 on the Oricon charts. After the release, the group appeared on many variety shows and also join up with their brother unit Shuchishin to form the unit Aladdin. As Aladdin, Pabo was able to appear for the first time on the end of the year special Kouhaku Uta Gassen as Shuchishin with Pabo. They also appeared on the album WE LOVE Hexagon, with a new song entitled "Green Flash Densetsu".



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