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Mini-Album Cover
2013.01.31 (Special Limited Edition)
  1. I'm Sorry
  2. Coffee Shop
  3. Na Geudaeboda (나 그대보다; More Than You)
  4. Naram Namja (나란 남자; Man Like Me)
  5. La La La (라라라)
  6. Where You Are (English Ver.)


Re:BLUE is CNBLUE's fifth Korean mini-album. The cover art states that Re:BLUE is their fourth mini-album, this, however, is due FIRST STEP +1 THANK YOU being counted as a repackage release. The song "I'm Sorry" was used as lead track. The song "Where You Are" is an English version of their fifth Japanese single of the same name.

Two weeks later, the mini-album was re-released in four special limited editions, one per member. Each edition features a different member on the front cover, and includes a 104page photobook, 3 photocards, and a DVD with a 20minute making of from the MV of "I'm Sorry".

Special Limited Edition Members Covers

Min Hyuk Ed. Cover
Jung Shin Ed. Cover
Jong Hyun Ed. Cover
Yong Hwa Ed. Cover

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