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Reincarnation (Kurosaki Maon)

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CD+Blu-ray/DVD Cover
CD Cover
Kurosaki Maon
Catalog Number
GNCA-1412 (CD+Blu-ray)
GNCA-1413 (CD+DVD)
GNCA-1414 (CD)
¥4,104 (CD+Blu-ray)
¥3,672 (CD+DVD)
¥3,024 (CD)
CD Tracklist
  1. X-encounter
  2. -Autonomy-
  3. ALGO~Who Knows It?~
  4. ...Because, in SHADOW
  5. fixxx and lie
  6. K・O・N♡
  7. Dysnomia (Dysnomia-ディスノミア-)
  8. Trying! Trying!
  9. Himawari to Natsu (ひまわりと夏; And Summer Sunflower)
DVD & Blu-ray Tracklist
  1. -Autonomy- PV [short ver.]
  2. X-encounter PV [short ver.]
  3. TV anime "Tokyo Ravens" non telop Opening (TVアニメ「東京レイヴンズ」ノンテロップオープニング)


REINCARNATION is the third studio album released by Kurosaki Maon. The album is a "tribute album" featuring collaboration with I've dedicated to anime Tokyo Ravens. This is Kurosaki's third anime concept record: H.O.T.D. (2010) and Goshiki Uta -Immortal Lovers- (2011), but this is the only one to be listed as an "official album". It was released in three versions: two Limited Editions (CD+Blu-ray and CD+DVD) and a Regular Edition (CD Only). The limited editions come with a ticket for the event "MAON KUROSAKI Special Live “WINGS OF EDEN” #0". All songs were written by Kurosaki Maon. On July 2nd was revealed album's TV-Spot. The album comes with a newly written short story Azanokouhei "REINCARNATION".

The preview of the songs were revealed on her official webpage, two per week, except the first, "-Autonomy-". On June 27 were revealed "ALGO~Who Knows It?~" And "fixxx and lie", July 4 were revealed "...Because, in SHADOW" and "K・O・N ♡", on July 11 were revealed "Trying! Trying!" and "Dysnomia" and finally on July 18 were revealed the last three songs that make up the full album, "X-encounter", "Himawari to Natsu" and "REINCARNATION".

Oricon Chart Positions

Kurosaki promoting the album

The single reached #21 on the weekly Oricon chart, and stayed on the chart for a total of three weeks. Although this is Kurosaki's highest charting album, according to Oricon it ranks second after H.O.T.D. in sales.

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 14 19 19 15 23 35 21 4,611
46 - - - - - - 80 785
- - - - - - - 253 307

Total Reported Sales: 5,703*

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