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SHU-I promoting NEXTAGE (2012)

SHU-I (슈아이/シューアイ) was a Korean pop group debuted in 2009 and mostly active in Japan. The group name stands for "So Hot Union of Idols", however, in Chinese it also means good-looking (帥 (Shuai)), pointing to the plans for this group to venture into the pan-Asian stage. In 2015, it was announced that the group would disband after 3 members start their military service and the remaining members would follow different paths.



SHU-I prepared and trained to debut for two years. The group' members had already revealed their faces on various broadcast shows such as JinShil Game, Introducing A Star Friend, and Kkochminam Alongsatae, before their debut. They officially debuted with the digital single "BOMB BOMB BOMB" on 11 September 2009, and shortly after they were chosen as Rookie of the Greatest Potential for the month of November by the Agency of Korean creative content.

In January 2011, the group debuted in Japan with the mini-album STAR LIGHT under avex' independent sub-label Rhythm REPUBLIC. By the time of the release of the mini-album their official Japanese website already announced SHU-I's major debut in May 2011 under avex trax.


  • Official Fanclub: WAS-I
  • Official Color: Purple

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