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Serving You

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CD Art
Serving You
  1. Suen Sai Gaai Mo Tung Wa (就算世界無童話; Even if the World Has No Fairy Tales)
  2. My Cookie Can
  3. Yam Tin Ga Kei (陰天假期; Cloudy Vacation)
  4. Jaap Gei (雜技; Acrobatics)
  5. Nei Ji Do Ngoh Joi Dang Nei Moon Fan Sau Ma? (你知道我在等你們分手嗎?; Do You Know I'm Waiting For You Two to Break Up?)
  6. Yue Sui (如水; Like Water)
  7. Oi Sam Gwoh Jo Yan (愛深過做人; Love Is Deeper Than Life)
  8. Ngoh Oi Foo Kap (我愛呼吸; I Love Breathing)
  9. Bei Ngoh Seung Jeung Jung Oi Nei (比我想像中愛你; Love You More Than I Can Imagine)
  10. Hon Ming (寒命; Cold Life)
  11. Tui (退; Retreat)
  12. Jue Gok Oi Nei (主角愛你; The Lead Character Loves You)
  13. Reality
  14. Mo Soh Wai (無所謂; Whatever)

Serving You is Janice's fourth full-length studio album.