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CD+DVD Edition Cover
CD Only Edition Cover
Shigemoto Kotori Ver. Cover
Takano Akira Ver. Cover
Hibi Mikoto Ver. Cover
Ohara Yuuno Ver. Cover
Tamakawa Momona Ver. Cover
Shekimeki! (シェキメキ!)
Catalog Number
AVCD-48542 (CD+DVD)
AVCD-48543 (CD Only)
AVC1-48544 (mu-mo Edition Shigemoto Kotori Ver.)
AVC1-48545 (mu-mo Edition Takano Akira Ver.)
AVC1-48546 (mu-mo Edition Hibi Mikoto Ver.)
AVC1-48547 (mu-mo Edition Ohara Yuuno Ver.)
AVC1-48548 (mu-mo Edition Tamakawa Momona Ver.)
¥1,890 (CD+DVD)
¥1,050 (CD Only / mu-mo Editions)
CD Tracklist
  1. Shekimeki! (シェキメキ!)
  3. Rock 'n' Roll Kenchoushozaichi (ロックンロール県庁所在地; Rock 'n' Roll Prefecture Capitals)
  4. Shekimeki! (Original Karaoke) (シェキメキ!(オリジナル・カラオケ))
  5. CRAZY GONNA CRAZY (Original Karaoke) (オリジナル・カラオケ)
  6. Rock 'n' Roll Kenchoushozaichi (Original Karaoke) (ロックンロール県庁所在地 (オリジナル・カラオケ))
"mu-mo Editions" CD Tracklist
  1. Shekimeki! (シェキメキ!)
  3. Dori 5 Gakuen Gakkou Seikatsu Dorama (ドリ5学園学校生活ドラマ)
    • Shigemoto Kotori Ver.: ~Shinsou Shinri wo Saguritai! No ni, Arai Sensei ni Honsei wo Abakareta JK Shigemoto Kotori~ (~深層心理を探りたい!のに、新井先生に本性を暴かれたJK重本ことり~)
    • Takano Akira Ver.: ~Shinsou Shinri wo Saguritai! No ni, Arai Sensei ga Komarihateta Dokuji Sugiru Takano Akira~ (~深層心理を探りたい!のに、新井先生が困り果てた独自すぎる高野洸~)
    • Hibi Mikoto Ver.: ~Shinsou Shinri wo Saguritai! No ni, Gyaku ni Furimawasareru Arai Sensei to Shou-akuma Hibi Mikoto~ (~深層心理を探りたい!のに、逆に振り回される新井先生と小悪魔日比美思~)
    • Ohara Yuuno Ver.: ~Shinsou Shinri wo Saguritai! No ni, Ettsu Konna Toko mo Aru no?! To Bikkuri Arai Sensei to, Jibun mo Bikkuri Ohara Yuuno~ (~深層心理を探りたい!のに、えっこんなとこもあるの?!とびっくり新井先生と、自分もびっくり大原優乃~)
    • Tamakawa Momona Ver.: ~Shinsou Shinri wo Saguritai! No ni, Genjitsu wo Tsukitsukerareru Arai Sensei to Realist Tamakawa Momona~ (~深層心理を探りたい!のに、現実を突きつけられる新井先生とリアリスト玉川桃奈~)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Shekimeki! (Music Video) (シェキメキ!)
  2. Rock 'n' Roll Kenchoushozaichi (Mina de Kenchousozaichi wo Oboeyou Video) (ロックンロール県庁所在地 (皆で県庁所在地を覚えようビデオ))
  3. Shekimeki! (Buri Video) (シェキメキ!(振りビデオ))
  4. CRAZY GONNA CRAZY (Buri Video) (振りビデオ)
  5. Rock 'n' Roll Kenchoushozaichi (Buri Video) (ロックンロール県庁所在地 (振りビデオ))


"Shekimeki!" is Dream5's eigth single. It was released in seven editions, a regular CD+DVD edition, a regular CD Only edition, and five limited mu-mo editions. Regular editions' first presses include one random photo (1 of 5).

"Shekimeki!" was both used as the Ito-Yokado "Dancingood day" CM song and as ending theme song for the NTV show Onryuumon ~MUSIC DRAGON GATE~, "CRAZY GONNA CRAZY" is a cover of TRF's song of the same title, and "Rock 'n' Roll Kenchoushozaichi" is a cover of Moritaka Chisato's song of the same title.

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